Friday, June 01, 2007

Seems to be working..

Tamil Nadu decision to crack the whip on helmet usage seems to be working. I trek about 2 kms to my work and may have seen over 100+ two wheelers on the road today. I counted only about 8 8 - 10 guys without the helmet.

Agreed this is random and unscientific. Yet the scene would have been just the opposite just 24 hours back. I hope the initial heat stays on till it becomes a habit. What neurosurgeons long advised and is common sense seem to have finally found some traction thanks to the stick policy of the Government.


  1. i was attacked by a cop for not wearing a helmet. The creature demanded 600 rs today for no helmet and no license.

  2. Shumit - Get your license first and please drive with the helmet. And please buy a quality helmet!

    Visu - Good to know that the rule has been implemented.

    On a side note - The last few weeks have been 'CLICK IT OR TICKET' all across america ( for seatbelt in cars). Amidst all this CNN covered Pres.Bush going in a car without buckling up!!

  3. wish our govt would enforce the auto meter rule also with the same enthusiasm.

  4. Goes back to the old adage of "what is inspected is respected" !

  5. Atleast rule is going to be effective until the next election. I am not sure, but wasn't DMK abolished the helmet law sometime back after they came to power sometime in the early 90's.

  6. Nice to see bikers wearing helmets...

    If there is a rule to punish who splits on the road [DRAINAGE MOUTH]it would be good too..