Thursday, May 31, 2007

Are You Ready

Are you Ready with your helmet?
I hope these guys got their helmets and are just waiting for the enforcement to kick in from from tomorrow. I clicked this picture on 5/31 at busy intersection in Chennai, where the helmets become mandatory for all two wheeler riders from June 1, 07. Habits die hard but can be broken and altered. Only time will tell if Tamil Nadu is serious about the safety or just another avenue for the cops make some extra bucks.

Regardless of what the Government does, I will be enforcing the compulsory helmet rule in my own small way from tomorrow. I have asked all frequent visitors to our home to start wearing helmet compulsorily from tomorrow. And, for this I have gave them 90 day advance notice. We are already hearing some murmurs about this stuff. My daughter's music teacher wants to visit us only when I am not around, so that she can avoid wearing helmet. But then, I know she is smart and will not flout my request. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. When the change kicked in Bangalore less than a year back, there was considerable protest! But it is so very important for people to adopt this !

    Do update about the Music teacher !! That was an interesting initiative

  2. This rule should be enforced throughout India as no where in the world do people drive so rashly.