Saturday, June 02, 2007

How About Auto Meter Rule Enforcement?

It is good to see that over 90% in Chennai complied with the new helmet rule. There were also reports that cops getting tough on the violators and that is heartening as well. However, why isn't the cops showing the same vigor with enforcing the Auto Meter rule? Autos continue flout the rule and in some case they don't even bother to have a meter.

Why are the Autos allowed to continue their anarchy? If the Govt. wants to enforce they can like the Helmet rule, but it lacks the will and that may due to the alleged collusion between politicians, cops and Auto drivers.

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  1. I had to venture into the roads in the Perambur area today. To my surprise, I found nearly 25% of the two wheelers sans helmet. Some had it buckled to the bikes!

    Will rules ever be followed in India? - This is a question that will haunt many of our thoughts forever in India.

  2. I live in coimbatore. Once when i went to bangalore i came to know that no autorickshaw person can deny you to take to the place you want to go. If he denies or asks for more money you can take him to the nearest traffic constable. why can't the same apply to tamilnadu too.

  3. Come on sir, where do you think you live in? CHENNAI autos and obeying rules re meters? Wah! Everytime I go to Thiruvanmiyur, near Balaji Nursing Home, I have to shell out Rs 50.00 for a distance of 4.9 km. Yesterday (7th June) a couple of auto-drivers demanded Rs 70.00 for this distance. CHENNAI autos will never improve, NEVER.

  4. Ah, the autos. Yes, meter laws come, changes...not so much. Of course now in hindsight to this blog post, we all see just how well the helmet law went with numbers plumetting back down to near pre-law levels. Sigh. Never short of good ideas, but implementation is so half-assed!