Sunday, June 03, 2007

Now Big B is What?

Big B is a farmer..

Now did I hear that right? That's what he claimed to be buy some lands in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Now, why in the world would Amitabh Bacchan claim to be farmer when his entire family is in entertainment business. Apparently to get some lands at heavily subsidized price. Now that's exactly what he needs.. he is poor and need Government subsidies to eke his living. His family may be making billions from the entertainment industry but as a farmer they are poor. Now, that's a concept..


  1. It is a Shame that shows greed of Big B.
    I am sure there are more people in Film Industry who own farm lands in Maharashtra and it should be probed.

  2. Ha, maybe if he is Big Bee, he will have a better chance of getting 'farmer' status. I am sure it can be argued that honey is farm produce.

  3. Why else does Big B hang out with the likes of Amar singh???? Things like this can happen only in India.

  4. In India...These things happen all the time.

    kamal will claim he begs in trains.
    Rajini will claim he cleans sewers.

    Actress will claim they are housemaids

    Ministers will claim they are ragpickers!

    Public will claim they don't have a mouth and ears...and just do their day to day work...claiming they don't know anything!

  5. After lavish spending for marriage, Big B must be worried. He not only has to take care of his family, he has to support his son's family too. Public, please understand and work with Big B. He needs your sympathy.


  6. So can one not be an actor and a farmer ? Sivaji Ganesan's family still hold hundreds of acres in Thanjavur. G.K.Moopanar's family also has hundreds of acres. So he is both politician and farmer....