Sunday, June 03, 2007

Going Soft on Helmet Rule

Just when, people were starting to comply with the helmet rule, Tamil Nadu Government has buckled under pressure and practically reversed its own helmet rule in just 30 hours. They didn't even wait for any studies to get scientific data on impact of helmet rule in in making the roads safer and fatal two wheeler accidents. In a hurry, Mr. Karunanidhi instructed police not to harass public over the helmet rule, giving a quick burial to the helmet rule for all practical purpose.

This sends a wrong message to the public and to the cops. Now it is neither voluntary nor mandatory and leaves lot of room for selective enforcement. This is exactly what cops would desire and as it gives them the wiggle room to target vulnerable people and extract a personal fee.


  1. What I suspect is that the helmet makers lobbied for and got the law enacted. By forcing a deadline, the sale of helmets would have boomed. Now that this intention has been met, the law loses its relevance. So,the CM can try for brownie points by asking the police to be gentle with the defaulters.

  2. God save our state and country!!!

  3. We need political will. Not only a family perpetuating will.

  4. All individuals irrespective of their allegiance to politics like not to change their conditioned life style, that includes driving two wheelers without helmet. Atleast those who care for their life and would like to join their loved ones at home every single day with all their body parts in tact will care to wear helmets while driving two wheelers.


  5. "kaLLa"nidhi-yidam irunthu verrenna ethirpaartheenga?


  6. Thats politicians for you!

    The helmet vendors paid a lump some to the DMK govt. Hence the rule was passed. DMK wanted to get public support, hence rule was eased!

    Its like having the cake and eating it two - DMK managed to do it yet another time.

    If the govt was serious, they should have planned for a way to enforce this rule. Where there is will there is a way.