Monday, May 28, 2007

Why Use GMail? by GMail Theater

An interesting short clip on why use GMail? According to this video it is 1) Spam blocker 2) Messages stored as conversation 3) Search 4) Gmail Chat.

I have been using gmail for a couple of years now and find 1, 3 & 4 useful, but # 2 is actually annoying. Most of us use 'reply with history' anyways and I find the message stored as conversation, just a nuisance to navigate through. How about you..?


  1. Hi Ram,

    I thought #2 was a useful feature, especially in e-groups where there are 20/30 mails in a thread grouped as a single mail!


  2. of all 4, i find #2 the most useful.

  3. As Vignesh says, it is of use when there are long threads...

  4. Ram...i do find mail as conversations useful. esp if conversations are long - the kinds one would have with one's wife sitting in another IT company with her outlook open.

  5. Search is one good option. And thanks to Gmail, Yahoo mail and MSN have stepped up their resources. Competition is always good.