Thursday, May 31, 2007

Web Off line?

Web Off line?
Now that's a revolutionary concept and that's exactly what Google is claiming to the table with its Gears, which will be in the open domain making its adoption easier. It is still too early to comment at this time.. But Google is drinking its own Kool-Aid and is promising to plumb its calender, gmail and docs with off line capability which will be very significant and is sure to give heartburns to Microsoft. Even if Gears deliver half of what Google is promising the impact will be quite disruptive and will change the way we consume the web and thus our behavior pattern.
Google released a set of tools to software programmers, which it calls Google Gears, that addresses what is perhaps the single most critical shortcoming of Web-based software. The tools can be used by all programmers, whether they work for Google or not, to enhance their own Web-based programs for offline use. The company is making the technology available in an open-source model, so programmers can use it free, test its abilities and extend them as necessary to fit their needs.

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