Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cream Centre - A New Worthy Alternate

Cream Centre: Vegetarian Kitchen, RA Puram, Chennai
I understand Cream Centre is a popular dig in Mumbai, so I have been wanting to try this place since they opened in Chennai a few months back. We finally got a chance to go there for dinner tonight and I am glad we did.

We walked to the place since it is just a couple of blocks from our place and we were just in time as the tables were readily available. But, by the time we finished our dinner the place was packed and people were waiting. I am not sure, if they accept reservation, but it might be good idea to book and go if they offer one.

The place has been done up nicely and blast of cold air greets you as you enter the place. The place looks kind of small from outside and it might be due to the fact that, a residential house has been converted in to a free standing restaurant. Nevertheless, it does have lot many more tables inside and we preferred to sit in the back by the courtyard.

The menu is a mixture of North Indian, Mexican, Italian and American items. Since we were a party of four, we got to try out many items and were happy with the options. My kids went with Onion Rings, Supreme Spaghetti and Magic Macroni and we tried Signature Paratha, Delhi Chat & Quesadillas.

All of our food arrived hot and fast which was quite appreciated by the drooling mouths. However, I felt the portion itself was small compared to the price. (our tab was INR 1200 for a party of 2 adults and 2 kids). Of all the dishes, I particularly liked their Signature Paratha which was layered rumali roti stuffed with traditional stuffings plus some non-traditional stuffings like corn, capsicum and others I don't recollect.

Even though, we didn't order Channa Bhatura, several folks at other tables did and I learnt later from their website that they make the 'best bhaturas in the world'. Will have to check this one out at a later date.

My kids ended their dinner with Sizzling Brownie Sundae which was marked as Cream Centre special. It was quite a spectacle to see them serve this one. They brought the brownie and ice cream in a hot tawa and poured the liquid chocolate on top of the ice cream at the table with style. My kids were floored by that 'show' and went ga ga over the desert.

I wanted to end my dinner with a hot coffee but was surprised to find that they don't serve Coffee or Tea in Chennai yet, though I found them in the menu. But then again, their menus are not current as I found out later. The menu on their website is no where closer to what I saw at the restaurant.

Over all the dining experience was good with decent food and courteous service. This place is definitely a worthy alternate if you are in the mood to try something different.


  1. Willing to accept change in food habits is a good sign of maintaining balance in diets instead of confining ourselves with Idli/Vada/Dosa. India had for time immemorial chinese delicacies; but infiltration of latin/italian food items in India was far and few. Of course 5 star restaurants carried these.Welcome sign!



  2. Must try this centre. Me and hubby do not venture beyond Saravana Bhavan and Sangeeta coz pure vegetarian hotels with tasty food are a rarity in Chennai.

  3. Yea, we too had this nice tasty experience yesterday - their Channa Bhatura is really out of this world. Yummy !

    I fully agree with you that, "Over all the dining experience was good with decent food and courteous service. This place is definitely a worthy alternate if you are in the mood to try something different."

    raj of RA Puram