Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry amongst (Mr. Karunanidhi's children) has taken ugly turn and cost 3 innocent lives in Tamil Nadu.

I don't think Mr.Azhagiri was miffed about Mr. Stalin being the heir apparent to the Chief Minister throne. Because, it is a kind of a foregone conclusion and every other DMK leader including Mr. Azhagiri seem to have acknowledged that fact.

So, what ticked Mr. Azhagiri off? (assuming he dispatched the goons who committed the heinous crime). I think it is the public berating he got in the guise of an opinion poll and that too from his own family owned paper must have ticked him off.

Mr. Karunanidhi says he warned Dinarkaran not to publish these kind of opinion polls. Not sure if he should doling out such advise to fourth estate. Even if it was mischief mongering on the part of Dinakaran to conduct these kind of sensitive opinion polls, they should have the right to do these kinds of things. It is a well known fact that, SunTV media enterprise has a stranglehold in Tamil Nadu and has been able to shape the landscape and muzzle its way through. They are NOT known for their independence in reporting by any stretch of imagination.

But then, Mr. Azhagiri and his cohorts have crossed all boundaries in burning down Dinakaran office and killing 3 people in the process. Mr. Karunanidhi has done the right thing by handing over the investigation to a federal body. I hope real culprits are brought to book and punished.

So, what is going to happen now? Assuming Mr. Azhagiri instigated the whole thing, will he be brought to book? I sure hope so.. but I doubt it. He was booked by the earlier Ms. Jayalalithaa regime on a homicide case in 2003, but nothing happened to that and my guess this case will also face a similar fate.