Sunday, May 06, 2007

Glad to be Back

Home Sweet Home..

Glad to be back home after a 3 week long trip. Even though, third and final week was actually vacation wth the family, I was getting tired of hotels and outside food. No doubt Chennai is hot & sweaty but nothing can beat my own bed & home food.

All of yesterday was a travel day for us. What could have taken just 4 hours by flight took us over 15 hours due to remoteness of the area and poor connectivity. The only way to get to anywhere from Gangtok is to travel to the plains and reach the nearest airport which is Bagdodara (There are trains from Siliguri but that will take longer). And getting to Bagdodara from Gangtok is no easy task. Even though it is only around 120 kms, it tooks us over 4 hours to trek through the poorly maintained narrow mountain roads. Our driver was feeling happy that it took only 4 instead of the usual 6+ hours.. No wonder, North East of India is still not on the travel map though it has lots to offer.

Once we reached Bagdodara, we flew to Chennai via Kolkata with a long lay over. I used that time to see a very interesting movie on Global Warming called The Inconvenient Truth starring Al Gore. More on that, tomorrow..

Anyways, after a small mix up with our baggage in Kolkata, we reached our home past midnight Saturday and we were all toast. I was so knocked out that didn't even have energy to go for my usual Sunday runs. I had already missed 3 weeks and wanted to make this one badly but missed this Sunday as well as I just couldn't muster the energy to get out.


  1. The Inconvenient Truth naratted and presented by Al Gore : I have seen this movie. Yes,its really a good movie. Especially for India where water problem is going to be the number one issue to confront in the years to come.

    Welcome back to Chennai !

  2. Very interesting indeed, wonderful photos all the way.

    Home is home doubt!

    Inconvenient truth is a wonderful movie. I watched it in DVD. Al Gore has done a great job. I hope the world joins hands and reverses the Global warming.

  3. Thanks for the DVD...will definetly make it a point to watch the movie this weekend. I plan to cover Global Warming in a series of articles.

    Hope the world wakes up to the fact that "I" am the reason for Global Warming.


  4. Hi Ram,

    I was just browsing for an apt pic for my post when I bumped in your blog. Though I was too hurry to read any of your post but I did saw most of the pics you have posted. They are really nice and prolific.

    With your permission (I hope you wont deny) I wanna use a pic (An engrossed couple) taken by you for my post.

    Will wait for your reply.