Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sue Me First

Interesting net war is shaping up after Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith alleged that Open Source community is infringing on 235 of Microsoft patent rights. Now, Open Source community from Linus Torvalds to end users are up in arms. Linus Torvalds publicly stated that, the story is other way around and it is probably Microsoft that is infringing others' patents. But, Neither has clearly stated who is violating what patent and how.

Now, enter the fray, Digital Tipping Point, an online website dedicated to open source. They have created a wiki called sue me first which seems to be growing in its popularity every day. Check it out yourself.

You know my thoughts on open source. It is here to stay and will fundamentally change the dynamics of the discussion from software to solutions. Companies that can offer flexible, composable solutions will gain upper hand over traditional bloated software providers.


  1. How interesting ! The Wiki entry caused me to smile !!

    Digital Tipping Point is inded good !

  2. Suing and settlement between david and goliath or vice versa are going to be part of the digital business because it is about intellectual property right. As Lee Iacoca said Lead, Follow or Get out of the way.