Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Marathon

I thought all marathons are held only on Sundays.. boy, I was wrong. Boston Marathon, one the most popular marathons is on a Monday (tomorrow). When my Boston friend Lakshmi told me about it being on Monday, I was skeptical, but a little bit of checking confirmed that it is on Monday.

It is going to be a interesting Marathon tomorrow as the weather conditions are going to be grueling. It is extremely windy and pouring in Boston now and weather pundits predicting more rain and possibility of couple of inches of snow. The good news is Boston Marathon has never been canceled due to weather conditions in its 110 year history and the bad news (for folks like me) is it will not be canceled due rain or snow.. so dress appropriately and run the marathon of your life..

My dream is to qualify for Boston Marathon which for my age group is 3:20. And this exactly why some dreams will remain a dream for me.. !!!

Good Luck Boston Marathon Runners..