Friday, April 27, 2007

Pleasant Coincidence - Meeting with Ram Charan

Pleasant Coincidence
This is a quick post on my meeting a person who I have only read about and awed. Also, it is interesting that just a few days back I read a very interesting and intriguing article about him (one of the rare interviews). So I was pleasantly surprised to come across him in Singapore Airport.

Surprise meeting with Ram Charan in Singapore

With the article fresh in my mind, I spotted him involved in a conversation a short distance away from where I was sitting. I quickly went to Google and confirmed it was Professor Ram Charan and waited for an opportunity to speak to him which came rather quickly. Thus, I got the rare opportunity of interacting with a person who is always on the move and difficult to find audience with. I had a brief but wonderful conversation with him for about 30+ minutes.. More on this later.. Now, I will rush to catch my flight back to Chennai.


  1. I am awed too. Wonderful coincidence, one globe-trotter meeting whirlwind globe-trotter!


  2. u soooooooooo lucky...

  3. Hey Ram,

    I was reading about his article yesterday and his schedule reminded me of you....Like Raman says One globe trotter meeting another globe trotter
    Ram, If you've reached Chennai , please call me