Monday, April 16, 2007

Travelog # 30 - LAX

In a LA now.. after a long flight Frankfurt. Though, I had two long flight segments, flying via west (FRA) is actually faster than flying via east (SIN). Actually, I like the service & food of Singapore Airlines better than Lufthansa, but it offers shorter lay overs and more direct connection to many US cities which I like.

Navigating through the LAX customs and immigration was a breeze. Took super shuttle to my hotel in Disney theme park area. This shuttle service by itself was convenient and nominal (USD 15), however if you are using it, you must have lot of time and patience on your hand, as the driver goes from gate to gate collecting passengers. We spent over 30 minutes within LAX complex and another 30 minutes to getting to the hotel.

LAX - Landmark - flying saucer
LAX - Landmark - flying saucer - 3
This flying saucer like building the most visible landmark of LAX airport. Built in 1961, this theme building has been designated as a cultural and historical monument by LA city council in 1992 and has a suspended restaurant.

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