Saturday, March 10, 2007

R2I # 12 - PIO Vs OCI

There has been lack of clarity on the benefits and eligibility between PIO and OCI, but this chart helps clarify some.. There are some real differences, while more people would qualify for PIO, OCI offers more benefits..

Please visit here for official take on OCI,


  1. Here's a kicker on OCI and PIO. If parents are ICs then the kids cannot get OCI, they can only be PIOs. Isn't that odd considering the fact that OCI enjoys a little bit more freedom than PIO.

  2. Nice comparison of PIO and OCI. Thanks.

  3. Karthik
    Yes.. I saw that.. The net for me is OCI is for people who were Indians before and PIO is for people of Indian Origin.. (up to 3 generations.. I think)


  4. Hello all. I need some clarification.

    My Mother and Grandfather were born in India, are English and left India before August 27th, 1947 - partition. Neither held Indian passports.
    Can I qualify as a PIO or an OCI?
    I need OCI in order to adopt an Indian baby. This is main goal.
    Anyone know?


  5. Anonymous
    I am no expert in this field.. and you are better off consulting an immigration attorney..

    However, I don't think you would qualify for a PIO / OCI based my limited read / understanding of your background

  6. u will not qualify for the OCI PIO since all those are applicable to citizens after the coomencement of the Constitution of India which is in 1950.

    anyways i dont think there is a problem if u need to adopt despite being British citizen..

    but still advisable to check with an immigration laywer