Monday, March 12, 2007

Mahabs Run

ChennaiRunners had record participation (13) yesterday and it was wonderful. We ran from Uthandi to Mahapallipuram covering a distance of about 30 kms.
Welcome to Mahabs - Shore temple is few kms from here..
When I saw this board, knew the destination wasn't far off and that was a great sense of relief. Incidentally, the entire stretch of ECR was plastered with party festoons and I kind of felt that DPI and Thol Thirumavalavan have garnered bulk of the compound wall real estate for free publicity.

Pallava Temple Runis @ Mahabs.. maintained by ASI
A Pallava temple ruins under ASI governance.

@ Mahabs.. German
After the run, we chilled out for a while at German Bakery (oddly run by Nepalis) and it was great just to relax and munch away (though the food was just passe).

Some more photos in flickr and from Kiruba

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  1. The group of 13 running 30 Kms is very commendable. "Making a difference to health and stress" should be the banner for your group. It should catch headlines in print media.

    German eatery place run by Nepali and patronized by Indians - what a combination!