Sunday, March 04, 2007

Unrealistic Expectations

Last week, we had a situation on hand to deal with which is painfully becoming a common scene in the IT industry. Satish Kapoor* who joined the company just 3 years back as fresher wanted to quit because he was assigned bug fix tasks. Mr. Kapoor didn't like the 'mundane' job and wants to 'move up' in the food chain to something else even though the bugs he was asked to fix were the ones created by him and the team during development. HR guys were more worried about loosing Satish Kapoor and wanted the team management to do something to keep him happy.

For a person who has been close to code till about 7 years back, this doesn't make sense. Everyone wants to be a Chief and not an Indian. This model where everyone will be Chief and no one as Indian is not sustainable. I have been in this game for 23 years now and have NO qualms in doing any job to get the work done. But, the new kids who have just arrived are extremely finicky and quit at the drop of a hat.

This may be sign of times.. but doesn't augur well for the industry. If everybody moves away from the code after 2 - 3 years who will code? what will be quality of the code?

I understand and acknowledge everyone has aspirations to move up, but the kind of expectations we see in the industry is unrealistic and unsustainable (If I were to quote Alan Greenspan out of context here.. - it is irrational exuberance).

What is your take?

*Name Changed