Tuesday, March 27, 2007

PMK & DMK - Love Hate Relationship

Mr. Karunanidhi & Mr. Ramadoss - Love / Hate relationship
There is more Hate than Love in the relationship of convenience between PMK and DMK now. Since the Tamil Nadu assembly elections, PMK and DMK have been sparing over some issue or the other from Chennai satellite city proposal to airport expansion plans and everything in between. But, their relationship seems to have hit a new low with this interview in a popular Tamil weekly. It was a highly virulent attack on Dr. Ramadoss by one of the lower rung leaders (Vetrikondan) of DMK. PMK doesn't take these sleights on its almighty leader lightly and has been up in arms with its legislatures protesting right outside Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi's office in Fort St. George. Not satisfied with the response, Dr. Ramadoss has now personally entered the fray accusing Mr. Karunanidhi of approving the slanderous interview.

Regardless of all this noise, Dr. Ramadoss is unlikely to end his relationship with DMK because the link to sharing power in Delhi. PMK likes to be in power and will not do anything 'volunteerily' to jeopardize its position in federal government.

But, Dr. Ramadoss and PMK will continue to irk DMK in every possible avenue and continue to be an irritant on Mr. Karunanidhi's side.