Monday, March 26, 2007

Demise of a Forerunner

Do you know John Backus? I didn't till I read his obituary today.

Though I never used it commercially, Fortran was first computer language I learnt and quickly forgot. In fact, Fortran was the only computer language taught in schools in my time (now guess when?). But, since then I didn't see much of Fortran till today. So, I was mildly surprised to see the 'my first language' resurface in the media, that too in a obituary. And thats how I came to know that John Backus and his team developed it in 1957 and that too in IBM.


  1. Interesting, BTW any link between the title of this post and the name of your new running gadget :) ?!


  2. Gaurav
    No link.. I noticed only after pointed it out.. but kind of interesting isn't it..


  3. I thought he messed with algol after fortran.
    RIP John B

  4. Exile from the real world
    Is it. never worked / played with Algol..