Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How to Create a Good Relationship with Your Indian Vendor

Interesting article about working with IT shops in India...
During a workshop for Indian employees of a leading American retailer, Storti posed the question: “When your American bosses tell you about coding they want you to do, and you don’t understand, what do you do?”
The group answered: “We talk amongst ourselves to see if anyone understands.”
Storti: “But what if nobody understands?”
Group: “We would just try something and hope it works.”

In other words, they are more likely to chance doing the wrong thing than to ask for clarification. Why? In Indian culture, asking a boss to clarify instructions is tantamount to saying he doesn’t know the subject well or didn’t explain it well, says Storti. “Questioning the boss can be seen as shaming him.”

I am not able connect with this article fully though I understand some of the things that are being said. Having said, that I have also been on both sides of the coin, so my views are considerably altered.

What's your take on the story? Do you agree with the comments?