Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How Smart is Your Right Foot

How Smart Is Your Right Foot?

I got this in a funny forward (from Krishnan) and would like to share it with you..

This is so funny that it will boggle your mind - the coordination between right foot and right hand. I tried many times to do the following but couldn't.. Its your turn now..
  1. While sitting, lift your right foot from the floor and make clockwise circular motion with your foot.
  2. Now, while doing # 1, Using your right hand, draw number '6' in the air.
Were you successful? or did your right foot automatically change direction? You can try many times, but will not change the results.


  1. it is very true...I think this might be due to some particular function in the brain... [me confused]

  2. Balaji
    Don't know what.. I tried several times.. and failed..

  3. keky
    You did??.. Doesn't matter if it was slowwwwwww..

    That means your brain is double sharp and mean you are an alien from planet Vega!!!!

  4. Wow ! amazing. Even slow I could not do it. Keky is super smart !

    Ram, I would like to join for the Sunday run. Can you tell me how to get to Sony World from Music Academy ? I will be coming from Gemini flyover direction.

  5. Ravi
    Directions to Sony World from Music Academy..
    - From Cahtedral Rd / Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai
    - Rt on TTK Road
    - Follow the Road via overbridge to CP Ramaswamy Road
    - Past first signal
    - RT on to Subbaraya Ave
    - We assemble at Dimensions health club parking lot
    - If you have gone to the next signal then you have gone further..
    Hope this helps.. Google earth can help you as well..

  6. just did it !!!! it just depends on the starting point of the six. If u start on the inner curve the numeral six and then come out it is again in the clockwise direction and is easy to coordinate.

  7. Anony
    Very good.. Congratulations..