Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Help Tamil Nadu Identify Creamy Layer

Tamil Nadu has gone back to the Supreme Court and has pleaded it be exempted from implementing the creamy layer concept because
"No one in the list of Backward Classes and Most Backward Classes of this State has represented to this government that the non-exclusion of creamy layer affects their interest in getting the reservation benefit." the State said
This is a lame excuse and does not address why creamy layer exclusion has not been implemented in spite of Supreme Court's directive. If the reservation system with all its deficiencies can be implemented and run amok, then a way can be definitely found to implement the creamy layer exclusion and give the reservation benefits to the real needy folks. But, the fact of the matter is that no politician will ever implement this creamy layer policy, particularly after MGR's failure in this front.

But, let us forget reality for a minute and help Tamil Nadu implement creamy layer exclusion concept. Here are mine:
  1. Avail reservation only once: Each individual belonging to the reserved category and they could perhaps choose when they want to avail that benefit. Once used, they will be become part of the creamy layer.
  2. Exclude students going to private schools: If parents of wards belonging to reserved category can afford to send their ward to private schools then they must have the financial wherewithal. So they can be classified as part of the creamy layer.
  3. Income limit: This is a very old idea on the and perhaps most difficult in light of the many different ways in which income can be generated and accounted. But if Government wants to, they can.
What's your take?


  1. Visu..Your suggestions are superb.
    But..this will mean 90% will become creamy layer.!!

  2. Narayanan
    hmm.. It will definitely remove the influential group from the 'quota regime'.. but will it be as high as 90%.. I don't think so..

    I would put that number around 10 - 20%. This is the group that is garnering all the benefits and are politically powerful exploiting the other 80%+...

  3. Do you understand votebank politics?

    A caste based party which claims to be very poor has the capacity to run a Tamil Satellite Channel! But their kids are insisted to study in Govt. Schools only.

    From my personal experience, I can say my dad helps community giving books, school fees and at times college fees liberally, but have seen people feigning to collect it (downgrading their wealth status)... I have seen one student getting dropped off in a car to collect free books in June 06!

    Rajasekaran N Sanguthevar

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  6. Rajasekaran
    Unfortunately, I do understand the vote bank politics. and that is exactly the reason why judiciary is getting so active to fix the system and wants the creamy layer removed. .. Let us what the creative politicians do to beat / cheat the system.

    I don't see your rationale as to how the 'quality' would come down if the 'creamy layer' is removed.
    In fact, the reasons you have cited are exactly why 'creamy layer' ought not to enjoy preferential treatment.

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