Thursday, March 01, 2007

Good Luck Team India

Three Musketeers
Team India is off to World Cup 2007, with billion eyes and trillion hopes trailing them, there is lot on the shoulders of these three grand old Dhadhas of Indian Cricket.

Saurav Ganguly: I am particularly not a fan of this guy, but I must applaud him for his great comeback, It must not have been easy for him with so much competition around and heavy sniping from the press. But he persisted and is now back in the team without any doubt or questions on his ability or inclusion. Good Job Saurav and I hope you do well in Windies.

Rahul Dravid the cool cat and the iron man of Indian Cricket has a lot to prove and contribute in this tour. He will have ample opportunities to show is leadership abilities and excel with his willow as well.

Sachin Tendulkar might well be retiring after this tour of dutry and I hope he steps down with a series of scintillating performance at the crease.

Go Blue


  1. Too much hype and no substance. Like our bollywood stars they look good on screen and not on the pitch. With Bob Woolmer murdered this is no longer a sport. Like Gladiators let them all fight with swords and maces on the arena and the let the survivor keep the cup.

    The fun and enthusiasm has gone out of W'cup 2007.and its not becuase India is eliminated.

  2. Ravi
    Indian team has crashed out of WC and the blame game has started.. I think one or all the following will happen..
    1) Rahul Dravid will be asked to step down
    2) Greg C. might go
    3) Sehwag and Tendulkar might go too..
    But, I feel.. India / Indians are taking this game far too seriously.. corrective actions / course corrections are required but the kind of frenzy portrayed in the media is little too much to swallow..