Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sujatha's Prescription to Reduce Stress

In his latest Katradhum Petradhum in Vikatan, Sujatha talks about neurons and stuff and suggest seven simple ways to reduce stress.

å¼ GIûˆ¶‚° 750 I™L óˆî‹ 𣻋 ͬ÷J™ ãŸð´‹ ªì¡û¡ G¬ø‰î õ£›M™, ñù Ü¿ˆîˆ¬î‚ °¬ø‚è ã¿ âOò õNèœ àœ÷ù.

1. c‡ì Í„² M´ƒèœ.

2. M´º¬øJ™ ªê™½ƒèœ.

3. ï‡ð˜è¬÷ ÜFèK»ƒèœ.

4. îõø£ñ™ «îèŠ ðJŸC ªêŒ»ƒèœ.

5. ðö‹ ꣊H´ƒèœ.

6. Y‚Aó‹ Ƀ°ƒèœ.

7. H®ˆîñ£ù¬î„ ªêŒ»ƒèœ.


My take on this..
All these common sense and makes sense and most would agree with the list. But how does one put all these things in to practice that where the gulf is wide.

1. Take Deep Breath: This kind of has a calming effect and I try to practice it occasionally and could start doing it regularly.
2. Go on Vacation: Sujatha doesn't talk about frequency which is equally important. I get to do this at least once a year.
3. Increase friendship circle: I could do more in this area. Currently, my friendship circle is rather limited, but with ChennaiRunners and blog, I getting to know more people.. so that should help.
4. Exercise without fail: Point taken.. doing it regularly.
5. Eat fruits: I would change this to eat green and healthy. I try to follow this as well but does yield to temptation on a regular basis.
6. Sleep early: Can do better here, but with my current job every day is becoming a Shivrathri night.
7. Do what you like: I find this perhaps the most difficult thing to do. I wish I could but doesn't seem to be always possible. Must improve a lot in this front.

What's your take on this list? Where do you place yourself?


  1. Ram,

    Sleeping early is easier said than done. This generation has far more things to do in the night (in terms of entertainment options) than what the previous few generations enjoyed.

    BTW, I hope you meant breath (as against breadth) :-)

  2. One needs Vikatan true type font to see your tamil text. Did that and can enjoy your blog better.

    I want to join the Sunday runs, but Sony World is quite far from where I live and I am not sure where the Anna Univeristy Cricket ground is.

    I am jogging at the Marina in the mornings.

  3. Kaps
    Yes.. there is lot more options and the global village is keeping people 'awake' at odd times too..
    Also, thanks for catching my typo.. fixed it..

    hmm.. let me see how I can fix it..

    Sony World or Anna University grounds is not very far from Marina.. if you have a vehicle, you should be able to get to either place in additional 15 - 20 minutes or less.. why don't you give it a shot in the coming Sundays..???

  4. You become what you think about, eat about, do about and hear about. All the points you mentioned will be strong if the word "in moderation" is added. What you have today, you have attracted by the person you become.

    Sleep is one essential routine in life and one should sleep atleast 7 to 8 hours. If one neglects that, it will catch up with oneself at a later age emotionally and physically.


  5. You become what you think about, eat about, hear about and do about. What you have today, you have attracted by the person you become. One word that will add strength to each point you have written is "in moderation".

    Minimum 7 to 8 hours sleep is necessary and depriving that will catch up with our health and emotion. Early to bed and early rise is will make one healthy and happy.


  6. :(

    Exercise. I am really over weight and have no clue on how to reduce it. I want to start the habit of jogging..but Idon't think I have the stamina or the capacity to do it....

  7. Why is that Whatever Sujatha writes entices people to think about all the time? Half the time he lifts from other non Tamil books or gets inspired.

    I would say he is better than Kaavya Viswanathan in the internalising stuff! (by any chance you know her personally?)


  8. Balaji
    As they say, the first step in solving in any problem is 'realization'. Now that you have crossed that bridge, you have to find ways to take the next first step.. You probably don't have stamina because your are 'over weight'..

    Probably Sujatha internalizes better (than Kaavya for sure).. what I like in his writings is his delivery. It is simple and succinct.
    ps: Nope.. don't know Kaavya V.

  9. Seems logical and makes sense. The challenge most often lies in execution.

    As we participate in the corporate rate race due to corporate or social pressures, most of these values/virtues fall by the wayside. We get too involved for our own good. Particularly, I believe not many would even stop & think about "Do what you like". We need to take personal stock of where we are, what are we really doing, and what would we like to do if our basic needs are met.

    This will help us react favourably to suitable opportunities or may even provoke us to create those opportunities.

    On another note, As I return to India (Chennai) in July after about 14 years in the US, I look forward to 'increasing my friendship circle' in Chennai. I will give the ChennaiRunners a try as well.


  10. Nat
    You are absolutely right.. it is important step back and evaluate.. and we are remiss in doing that..

    on your R2I
    Welcome back to Chennai.. look forward to seeing you amongst ChennaiRunners..