Thursday, January 04, 2007

Importing New Blogger to WordPress

I need help..

I tried to move my old posts from blogSpot to a WordPress blog in my domain ( and seems to have hit a road block. This is what I have done so far:
  1. Installed WordPress blog @
  2. Invoked the Import option in WordPress blog
  3. Clicked 'Import Blogger / blogspot'.. Which prompted for blogger authentication
  4. Kept getting 'Login Failed' error message
  5. Got stuck here and couldn't move further
I looked through the forums and stuff and couldn't get clear cut information. Some folks have had problem importing from Blogger Beta, but now that Blogger Beta has moved out of beta and is now New Blogger, I wonder if this problem has been fixed..

Has anyone exported out of the 'New Blogger' to WordPress ? What am I missing?


  1. Ram,

    may be this link helps you

  2. Ram, you might want to try creating an account on and try to import your Blogger entries. You can then export it back out as an XML file that the wordpress installation on your domain can import back in.

    Agree its a convoluted way, but this is the only other method I could think of. And this is still dependent on whether has been updated to import entries from the new Blogger system.

  3. Ram,
    was my mail helpful in this regard?

  4. Anand /Jongleur / PK
    Thanks for the links & tips.. I hope to get to this stuff in the next couple of weeks.. my target is 1/31..

  5. Ram,

    This is a bit delayed but WP just released their new Blogger importer.

    Dont know if it will help though!

  6. the jongleur
    thanks for the update.. I will check it out.. Need to get back to it..