Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where is the Promised 2mbs?

I have been eagerly waiting for the promised 2 mbs broadband connectivity from BSNL. But so far, I haven't seen anything close to that speed.
Where is the promised Speed
My son & I have been periodically checking the speed and the maximum we have seen is around 100 kbs. So, I wonder where is the promised speed?

I understand the promised enhancement in speed is only till the BSNL servers (I don't have anyway of testing that segment alone) and my test would have gone to some server in US. But what good is blazing speed till my ISP, if it chokes from there.

Indian Broadband can definitely benefit from the increase speed, but what is needed even more and on a urgent basis is a bigger pipe in to the global internet backbone. Majority of the content accessed from India actually comes from outside (mainly from US) and therein lies the actual speed problem.