Thursday, January 04, 2007

Outrageous Execution

Saddam Hussein perhaps deserved the death penalty but not the outrageous way in he was put to death. The raw video of Saddam Hussein's execution seen worldwide is bound to disturb anyone regardless of their opinion of him. The video graphically showed the cruel method once perpetuated by Saddam Hussein has outlived him.

Instead of administering the sentence in a dispassionate and dignified way as a State should, The condemned dictator was hastily put to death by the Shiite controlled administration, who allowed chants and abuse at Saddam Hussein while he stood at the gallows.

Even though, Iraqi Government and Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki are fundamentally responsible for this mess and US did try to delay the hanging till the very last, Bush administration should have intervened strongly to ensure that the sentence was executed properly and due process was followed.

As US prepares for a course correction and comes up with a new plan for Iraq, it must face up the harsh ground realities in Iraq and cannot simply cut loose. Iraq as it exists today, lacks the basic democratic structure (Army, Police, Justice, Rule of Law) to stand on its own. So, any plan must include shoring up the basic civil structures and will take a few more years (more than the US public would want..)


  1. U.S. during the time of Saddam Execution noninvolvement was very intentional and U.S wanted the World to know that the decision to execute was purely made by the democratically elected sovereign Government of Iraq. This distance might bring them closer to some of the Sunni controlled other regime in the middleeast. The president of U.S in fact went to bed giving strict instructions that he should not be awakened to give the news after Saddam's execution.

  2. Anonymous
    It was very bad execution.. there was no dignity / decency that a state ought to show.

    Both Mr. Bush & Mr. Blair have voiced their opinion against how the execution was carried out.

    I am not sure if there was any intentional play to bring Sunnis closer and ease some of the troubles..