Sunday, November 19, 2006

What Thali is it?

What Thali is it?
North Indian..
No.. No.. it is South Indian !!, "See it has Sambar, Curry..
But then why does it Naan instead of rice.....
I don't know..
(Now the restaurant guy(server) arrives..)
Hmm.. don't what is South Indian..

This hilarious conversation was between white patrons and a Hispanic server in an Indian Restaurant called Madras Pavilion in Austin. What was interesting was the patrons didn't know what was what, the server didn't know what he served. But they ultimately figured it out and went on to enjoy the food.

Now to the restaurant review..
By the sheer traffic I saw in this restaurant, I am guessing it must be a popular joint. This place was barely full when I went in, but within 10 minutes it was full and was constantly overflowing from then on.

The ambiance of the place was good. The decor was minimum but the place was clean and neatly laid out.

I ordered Pavilion special (USD 12.00) which got me a generous portion of Pongal, Vadai, Mysore masala dosa, Coffee and Gulab Jamun. While Pongal and Coffee were excellent, rest were just passe. I was drooling when the big Dosa came my way, but after a few bites, I started to dislike it. It was dry and hard to swallow. Vadai wasn't cooked well and I passed on the sweet.

Bottom Line
Ambiance: B+
Food: B-
Service: A
Overall: B

Go to Madras Pavilion if you are dying for Indian food.