Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blog Pals

One of the unexpected benefits of blogging for me is the friends / pals that has come along my way. I enjoy chatting with these blog pals and particularly when I connect with the F2F.

Case in point #1: Chennai Airport
A total stranger walks up to me and we have a brief but a good chat because of my blog.

Case in point#2: Toronto
I got a email out of blue from a Toronto resident when he sensed I was in Toronto. Though we played telephone tag a couple of times, we finally connected. We had a wonderful evening talking about several topics of interest over not so good Indian Food @ Madras Palace (near Markham).

It was so nice of this guy to take time out his busy schedule to reach out and spend an evening with me, it simply made me happy. Muthu Murali.. Thanks for taking the time to connect with me.. I truly appreciate it..

Update# 1 : Murali: Thanks for keeping me honest..


  1. Hi Ram,
    In case you meant me, Iam not Muthu. For a first meet,
    possibe not to remember names!!.
    It was a pleasure meeting you.
    Nice chat,Lots to talk, very little time.!!!
    Hopefully we shall meet sometime again in a better Restaurant!!
    I may be reached at

  2. Any blog meets coming up in december in Chennai(been a while i guess)? Would love to meet folks like you and Mukundan. Though i am in deep hibernation.