Monday, November 20, 2006

Travelog # 13 - Austin

I am in Austin, Texas now and took the break time to see a little bit of Austin and see the latest Bond movie.

The weather was just perfect. It was sunny and in 60s, just the kind of weather that gets people to come out and play.

I went to University of Texas campus which is right in downtown. UT at Austin is one of the largest campus in US with over 48,000 students and 2700 faculty members. Here are a few pictures from my leisurely stroll through through the campus.

Embassy Suites in Austin
I am staying at Embassy Suites which is located right next to I-35 near Highland Mall, kind of convenient.

Statue of George Washington in front of the main UT building
Main University building with George Washington statue in the front.

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Water Fountain in the center of UT Austin
Beautiful water fountain in front of the main building.

School of Business, UT Austin
School of Business - Saw several students enjoying the sun and having group study sessions. All of them had their laptop open and using campus wide free wi-fi access.

Stadium Entrance
University of Texas Stadium
UT has a very strong foot ball team and they have a beautiful stadium similar to the horse shoe of OSU. I wanted to go in snap a few pictures, but couldn't.

More pictures in flickr

UT at Austin in Wiki


  1. Thanks for the nice pictures.
    See if you can route your ticket through Columbus.

    Thanks for your review on the Bond movie.

    Any comments on the shopping craze for the holidays. The Polaris mall was full yesterday with all the so called season sales.

    Columbus Rao

  2. Rao

    Thanks.. one more installment coming today..

    Thanks Giving Shopping: That's great American experience.. Do we need all the stuff we end up??? possibly not.. but we all get consumed anyways..

  3. Hey, saw this just now and so looks like I missed you already. If you are in Houston, drop me a note. We can try the original Madras Pavilion here! By the way, I am going to be in Chennai in Jan/Feb. I would like to meet you or go to a bloggers meet, if possible. Let me know. Thanks.

  4. Nithya

    It's a deal.. thanks for the invite..

    Pl. do ping me when you are in Chennai.. we will meet..