Saturday, November 25, 2006

Travelog # 19 - SOA

What has travel to do with SOA.. No, I am not referring Service Oriented Architecture, So what does SOA stand far ? Read on..

Over the years, service in North American airlines have gone south dramatically and it is no new news. But, I got to experience, what I consider as new lows in my recent trip. I took a United / Air Canada flight from Toronto to Dallas and wasn't even served the cursory pretzels or peanuts. And, mind you it was not a puddle jumper but a 3 1/2 hours flight. To rub it, stewardess pushed a cart around selling Subs and Sandwiches.

I couldn't stop comparing to the short trips I take on Jet Airways or King Fisher from Chennai. Even on the 45 minute hop to Bangalore, we get some snacks and on the 90 minute trek to Mumbai, we get a hot dish served.

Now, have you figured out what has SOA to do with Airlines.? North American airlines have become Service Optional Airlines.


  1. Ram, Its not long, before most Airlines in India go South too, just wait, already most of them are in the red.

  2. Raman
    I am all for conserving and saving.. Its just that they took the food away from me.. but didn't give any money back instead..

    Might be.. but for now I am enjoying the hospitality..

  3. I agree with you, Ram. After having paid over a hundred bucks, it is not too much to expect a small bag of peanuts or pretzels. I've been on some flights where they even sell snacks!