Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hyderabad Half Marathon - 1:57

One Hour and Fifty Seven Minutes..
That's the time I took to complete Hyderabad half-marathon. My goal was to complete under two hours and am happy to make it.

Hyd Half Marathon - Starting Pt - Ajendra and his Hungarian friend
At the starting point - Ajendra and his Hungarian friend Achilles

At the starting pt.. Runners listlessly milling around without proper instructions
Runners milling around listlessly. The instructions were not proper and to top it, the place was plunged in darkness as the run was about to commence.

Hyd half Marathon - Long trek to Chairminar turnaround
Hyd landmark - Chairminar
Long trek to Chairminar - the turn around point for Half Marathon. The local police and volunteers did a commendable job of keeping the uncontrollable traffic at bay

Hyd Half Marathon - Certificate Collection Pt
Medal / Certificate collection point. This place was crowded and could hvae been organized better. Runners deserved to treated better after the grueling run.

After finishing the Hyd Half Marathon
All smiles after the completion..

More pictures in flickr

A short clip.. at the finish line