Saturday, November 25, 2006

Travelog # 18 - Skype From The Skies

Skype From The Skies

Actually, I was going to do this post from the sky but the battery juice played spoil sport.. read on

This was a new and thrilling experience for me, to be able to voice chat from 37,000 ft for free.

Earlier this week, I was flying back from US on a Lufthansa trans-Atlantic flight when the stewardess announced free wi-fi connectivity via connexion. While I have known the availability of this service for sometime now, this was the first time I got to use it because it was offered free. (in fact, I worked on this Boeing project very briefly several years back).

So, I took out my laptop and connected to wi-fi and was thrilled to access net and my mail from the sky. After the initial sensation, I saw and pinged my friend in Reno and had a good voice chat via Skype. The voice quality was good and impressive.

While I was admiring the wi-fi from the sky, I had to abruptly end the session as my battery ran out of juice and couldn't recharge though I had the necessary widgets.

If I had power, I wanted to do this post from sky, but battery juice played spoil sport. However, I will do another post from the sky if the wi-fi was still free..