Saturday, November 25, 2006

Travelog # 18 - Skype From The Skies

Skype From The Skies

Actually, I was going to do this post from the sky but the battery juice played spoil sport.. read on

This was a new and thrilling experience for me, to be able to voice chat from 37,000 ft for free.

Earlier this week, I was flying back from US on a Lufthansa trans-Atlantic flight when the stewardess announced free wi-fi connectivity via connexion. While I have known the availability of this service for sometime now, this was the first time I got to use it because it was offered free. (in fact, I worked on this Boeing project very briefly several years back).

So, I took out my laptop and connected to wi-fi and was thrilled to access net and my mail from the sky. After the initial sensation, I saw and pinged my friend in Reno and had a good voice chat via Skype. The voice quality was good and impressive.

While I was admiring the wi-fi from the sky, I had to abruptly end the session as my battery ran out of juice and couldn't recharge though I had the necessary widgets.

If I had power, I wanted to do this post from sky, but battery juice played spoil sport. However, I will do another post from the sky if the wi-fi was still free..


  1. Raman
    Wasn't it cool.. I sure was excited..

  2. Any ideas on what the airlines charge for the connection?

  3. WA
    I think it is USD 10.95 for 8 hours or something.. You open an account with connexion can carry for credits to other flights as well.. I think.. (I never tried it though..)

  4. This is pretty cool. Do they offer it on all Lufthansa flights or only some?

    However, the simpleton in me is wondering if this will make people lose the relaxed atmosphere in planes and yap or surf more.

  5. Nithya..

    Not sure.. I think its offered only on select flights..

    Wi-fi does keep you engaged at least for a couple of hours.. helps alleviate boredom from the long flight..

  6. hey ram , its going to close its oprtation by end of december thats why they are giving it for free boeing has decided to take the option out and had cut the contract with them , so they just want to give it for free till the end of the year , and another thing the seat next to the air hostess would have a plgu point for ur laptop to charge , anyway it was really fun , i also made a post from 38000 feet in my website.

  7. Ganesh
    I heard Boeing is going to pull the plug.. but so soon..? that's a bummer.. what is the reason? financial viability?