Monday, November 20, 2006

Casino Royale

Casino Royale
In a off the cuff decision, we skipped dinner for this latest Bond movie. Thinking back, we would have been better off with the food.

We went to Galaxy 10, expecting long lines and possibly a full house but was mildly surprised to see tickets (USD 8.25) freely available. yes, I hear you, the warning signs were loud and clear, yet we saw the movie anyway.

This movie has a new Bond. Daniel Craig brings a new dimension to his roll and charts his own course which is kind of refreshing. Besides that, the movie has all too similar Bond fare. This time, the plot takes Bond to Madagascar, Montenegro and few other exotic places. The movie has its fair share of breathtaking shots, car chases, romance and stuff. Yet, at over 2:20, this Bond movie comes perilously close to looking like an Hindi movie. If it had some songs and family sentiment, then it would have sure made the cut as a Bollywood fare.

Despite of the grand locale and breathtaking shots, this new Bond movie failed to keep the audience engaged. Just when you thought the movie was over, it chugs along dragging far too long.

Over all rating: B
A disappointment even for hardcore Bond fans.


  1. hello ram
    just came to ur blog thru balajis site. ungal blogugali paarthaen.. keep it up.

    naan ippodhu daan aaramithu ullaen matravargalai padutha. enbadhai aaramithu bilaagu panraen. mudindaal paarthu karuthai thoovavum :)

    next on ur next post.

  2. I loved the Bond movie. Enjoyed it a lot :)

  3. Kittu
    Thanks for dropping by..

    Glad you liked it.. How would you rate it? A+ being very good / must see to F being Fail