Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blogging Trends in India

Interesting article in The Hindu today (Nov 28, 06) about Blogging trends in India.

Some salient points in the article:
  1. Dominated by men
  2. Popular amongst politicians
  3. 'New fourth estate' in the making
I would agree with #1 but #2 & 3 are questionable and far from reality.

#1 Majority of the bloggers I have met in person or virtually have all been men.. would be nice to see a equal mix here..

#2 Do Indian politicians even know about blog? Even if they know the medium, why would they care? It has little or no impact on their electorate / vote bank.

#3 This claim is far fetched. Internet penetration is absymally low in India and on top of that, majority of the blogs are in English which further diminishes its reach. The claim of blogs becoming the 'new fourth estate' is simply incredulous.