Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Travelog # 14 - Austin

Texas State Capitol

Got to visit Texas state legislature last Saturday. What made it easy for me for was the fact that it was right next to University of Texas. I just walked a couple of blocks to reach one the must see places in Austin downtown.

The access to the building itself was free and easy. In fact, there were signs everywhere that encouraged public to tour the impressive building. I haven't seen any other state capitol but, I was quite surprised with the grandeur of the building.

Texas State Legislature
Texas State Legislature..
What is that lady holding in her hand? Star ?

Texas State Museum
Texas State History Museum

Long corridors in the Texas State Capitol
Bride taking pictures in the Texas state capitol
Marble floored long corridors and this bride getting pictures taken in one of those sun lit corridors.
Texas State Legislature - Austin
Leather chairs with state emblem
Legislature hall - plush leather chairs with state logo.. Looked impressive

Texas Legislative Central
What are these kids looking up?
Beautiful Texas Legislature dome
Beautiful dome.. with exquisite carvings..

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  1. Your travelogs remind me of the famous travelogs by mani in idayam magazine.

  2. Santosh

    Oh.. Thanks.. I used to read Manian's Idhayam Pesukirathu regularly.. the last one I remember is the 'Mexico PayanakKadhai"