Sunday, October 01, 2006

Personal Victory

I have a sense of accomplishment and want to share that with you..

Steven Covey's Book bought in 1998

For some reason it has taken over 8 years for me to thoroughly read this book. But finally, I finished it on my way back from Beijing yesterday. I am not going write a review of this book, but let me say if you haven't, go buy and read it now.

This year, I had resolved not to buy any book till I finished this one.. Now I am going to buy 8th habit by Steven Covey and will report back when I finish it.


  1. Ram, congrats on the achievement!

    This book was very successful when it came out (in 1994/5 if I remember right), as it was one of the first books of its genre. I remember I used to quote from this book extensively.

    But,now I have realised , after reading 100 more books of that sort, that a good work of fiction or a great classic gives me much more joy and teaches me more about life than these pontificating types. Avoid the book on the 'eighth habit' and pick up a Charles Dickens or a Conan Doyle instead.

  2. Raj

    Somehow I have never taken to classics.. I sure would like to give it a shot sometime...