Saturday, September 30, 2006

Travelog # 11 - Tianamen Square

If you were wondering where I was hiding.. I was in Beijing for the past week and had been in a way forced to take this hiatus.

Few colleagues and I did manage to squeeze in a very short visit to Tianamen Square. That place was buzzing with domestic and international tourists. The main reason being, the national week celebrations that start next week.

Employees get a week off to relax and contribute to the economic growth by spending. Like other Asians, Chinese are also frugal and the these kind of vacations are an effort to increase spending.. (so I was told..).

Tianamen Gate with the picture of Mao
Tianamen Gate across from the Tianamen Square.. With Mao's portrait. I also heard that Mao's pictures are being removed from public display in an effort to re-write history.

Monument to the People's Heroes
Monument to the People's heroes is the only structure in the vast open space that is called Tianamen Square. Other structures are temporary models put up for the October National Day.

Beijing 2008 Olymicss - Atheletes Village?  Not sure
Model of the Olympic Village being put up for 2008 summer Olympics?

Three Gorges Dam.. the largest hydro electric dam in the world
Three Gorges Dam Model - The largest hydro electric project in the world..

Few more pictures and a short video clip coming tomorrow.. I will be back in Chennai by then.

Update # 1

Water Fountain in Tianamen Square
Beautiful water foutain at Tianamen Square

Summer Olympics everywhere.. 681 days to go
Exactly 681 Days to go for 2008 Summer Olympics (as of 8PM on Sept 28, 06)

More pictures in flickr


  1. I am so glad you are travelling so much because we get to see all these wonderful places through your beautiful pictures.
    Thanks for sharing in the middle of such a busy schedule.

  2. Usha


    I have taken up a different role in my company now.. and hope to cut down on travel..

    let's see..