Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is This boy Security Threat?

Is this 11 year old autistic boy a security threat ? I am appalled at the utter lack of sensitivity by the Bangalore airport security staff.


  1. Shame!

    The people of India know who the actual threat to India's security are. They are among us ! No need to name them out here I think.! It's high time the true culprits are exposed.

  2. While the officer could have been polite, understand that CISF training for airport security is pretty comprehensive.

    And some of these officers have been in the field (Assam, Kashmir) where terrorists have used the guise of "mad man" to launch attacks. Acting as an incoherent man and then fatally attacking is a well known ploy to create problems.

    So I am not really surprised that officer stuck to the books and the parents could have been polite and explained better to the officer as well.


  3. Anon..How can a 11 yr old boy with his parents be considered a terrorist or such?
    All these people has to be sent for sensitivity training .

  4. Sumeet,

    The officer stuck to the books? Do the rule books in India really say that autistic person is not allowed to travel by air? Heartbreaking.

  5. I think they re so used to unquestioning submission of everything however arbitrary. I am glad Prithviraj fought for his rights as well as had the presence of mind to tape it all.
    Shame on you security guys - for this insensitivity and sheep like application of rules. No wonder you guys never know how to catch the real terrorists until after the damage is done!

  6. Narayanan / Raman / Usha / Wa / Raj

    I was aghast when I saw this story.. It took lot of courage on the part of PrithviRaj and his wife to fight it out and take it to the press.. I applaud their efforts.. If this acts a catalyst to change a few.. then it is well worth it..

    Raj.. I agree with you.. there needs to some sensitivity training..

    Usha.. yes.. the rules are followed by the book for faceless middleclass but are bent in all possible ways for the politicians and the 'powerful'..

    Sumeet: I don't know what rules are there around this.. but it sure needs to be revisited..


  7. Made for very difficult viewing. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for the parents to raise a child in such an insensitive environment. And to think that there is very little effort being made to change mindsets and understanding of children (and adults) with special needs...I'm just gutted.

  8. Ammani

    Yes.. very true..

    Looking to put a positive spin on the whole issue.. I applaud PrithviRaj for pushing the envelope and getting it to the media..