Monday, September 25, 2006

The 8th Habit

I got to listen to the audio book of Steven Covey The 8th habit in SQ, enroute to Beijing. I am glad I got to listen to this book because I wouldn't have gotten to it anytime soon. For some reason, I am still struggling with Covey's The Seven habits of highly successful people. I bought the seven habits some 8 years back and still haven't completed it yet. It will be a personal triumph when I do..

Now, back to 8th habit..
Steven Covey talks (literally via the audio book) about Finding one's voice and helping other finding theirs. He talks about knowledge workers and wholeness of an individual. All this are good stuff, but I couldn't sink in to the book as I would have in a 'hard copy'. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer a hard copy or even a eBook over an audio version.

I will definitely buy Covey's 8th habit, but only after finishing the Seven habits..

Have you 'read' the 8th habit? What's your take?

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