Saturday, August 05, 2006

Travelog # 2 - Bangalore Autos

Chennaites might appreciate this post better. We go through the harrowing experience of having to deal with unruly Auto Guys on a daily basis.

I was in Bangalore early this week and found Autos much easier to engage and ply. They generally ply by meter do not haggle much. This is a welcome relief after all the stuff one goes through Chennai. I heard from the local guys that due to increasing demand, Bangalore Auto guys are also starting to become like their Chennai counterparts.

I heard that Chennai is going to revise the Auto fare upwards. It's high time they did that as the last revision was done some 6+ years ago. But what is equally important is enforcement of the revised fare table and ensuring meters work and are not rigged.

Bangalore Autos Ply by Meter
I engaged this Auto at the Bangalore Airport. All I had to do was go to the Auto line and engage one through the Police Officer stationed there (The fare basis is INR 6 per KM). Compare this is to Chennai, where no such concept exist and the arriving passengers are left to the touts hanging out to fleece.

Mandatory display of driver Info
I saw this display on all Bangalore Autos. This is certificate given by the local police allowing the m to operate. Again, comparing to Chennai, there is no proper account of Autos and it is not uncommon to hear that significant number of them ply without any authorization and are owned by influential / Police folks.