Friday, August 04, 2006

Several Lives

Fidel Castro must have several lives for him to survive so many attempts on his life. He simply must be the most targetted guy anywhere in the world. I guess, it comes with the territory as he has been at the helm for 47+ years.

According to this report in Guardian and reproduced in The Hindu, CIA tried to bump off Fidel Castro several times and still couldn't. The report says, CIA tried to get him 638 ways and still was not successful with the last known attempt being in 2000.

So, what does it tell us? Either of the two things..
  1. Fidel Castro's security is fool proof and nothing could touch him. Not even the long arm of US.
  2. Effectiveness of the much vaunted CIA. Given some of those 638 tries never left the drawing board and was spread over 47 years. Even assuming 50% of the 638 were actually executed, it is still too many attempts and speaks volumes.


  1. It is good to know that there is some way for somebody to be totally(?) safe. As these days, everywhere one hears that there is nothing like absolute safety.

  2. Amazing indeed!

    My gut feeling - If US wanted to..they'd have got him..Anyways, I might be wrong!

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  4. I too read that article in Hindu..was happy to know that US can't always get wat it wants from everywhere around the world!

  5. I just love the over confidence of Americans. "If US wanted to they would have got him". When will Americans (Native born or converts) ever learn to accept that there is a world a outside their country and there are far more intelligent, treacherous, chivalrous people outside their own borders ?

  6. Anon - Its all politics. We really don't know..that's what I meant (did you read - My gut feeling ). That's ok. You might be right after all.. I don't believe in Media..I don't believe in the politicians..Remember - Immediately after the Bombay Blasts...fingers pointed at how many days have gone...they arrested some people and yet..did they name the actual culprits.? Do you know what is going on? Do you believe that they still don't know.

  7. NV,
    don't want to argue in RV's blog. But I interpreted ur words as if you are implying that Castro survived not because of his own foxiness but because of US largesse. And I don't think so. Many people have outfoxed US including OBL, Hugo Chavez and ofcourse Castro.