Saturday, August 05, 2006

Podcast: Chat with Chinmayi - Part # 2

This is the second and final installment of my chat with Chinmayi. In this episode, she talks about her company blue elephant and a lot about herself.

Chinmayi Sripada

Please listen in

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  1. Interesting person. you do have a way of making them talk!
    I am very impressed with this young girl who has got it all sorted out already while me at this age is still clueless.
    And her celebrity status hasn't gone to her head at all - makes her very endearing to you. Now I see why she is among the top 10 bloggers of chennai. i think she is so grounded. Impressive! great work.
    And you know what, I just love the way you both speak without trying to put on an accent which gets on my nerves every time young people speak English these days.
    good stuff! great example of an interesting interview. it is not all about finding a celebrity to talk to you: it is also about asking the right questions to bring out their personality. I really like the way you involve everyone and take their questions to the interview. Felicitations to you on that score!

  2. Usha


    I am still learning my ropes in this game.. but thanks for the encouraging words..

    I found Chinmayi very relaxed and spoke really well..

  3. Ram,

    I was unable to listen to podcast because of fault in my computer. Last Sunday I rectified it and heard all the podcast interviews. S Ve sekhar's was very casual. At some places, you are handling very nicely. For example, pavements for walkers question. Chinmayi's interview was equally good. She is our family's favourite singer. At the same time, it would have been good if you had made her to sing few lines of her famous hit 'Deivam thantha Poove'. Looking forward for Crazy Mohan's interview.

  4. Balaji


    I thought asking Chinmayi to sing that famous song.. but with my recording system is not good and wasn't sure how it would come through.. so skipped the idea..

    I am trying to connect with Crazy Mohan this week.. let's see.. let's see..

  5. Ram - Please ask Crazy about how he came up with the 'Munnadi, Pinnadi' Joke in Panchathanthiram.

    I'm yet to listen to Chinmayi-II, I'll listen and post a comment again! ..Head set problems..!

  6. Narayanan

    What is this 'Munnadi Pinnadi' joke.. I don't recollect.. I will ask around..

  7. Ram,
    very well done. You would give a professional interviewer a run for his / her money.