Sunday, August 13, 2006

Slice of Chennai # 4 - Shankar Mahadevan

Shankar Mahadevan performaing in Chennai
Shankar Mahadevan performed @ Gollapudi Srinivas Memorial Foundation Function in Chennai on Aug 12, 2006

Shankar Mahadevan was simply awesome. He connected with the audience very well and had them eating out of his hand.

Aamir Khan was also there and brought cola controversy with him.

Here are a few clips I took at the function. Just a word caution: audio isn't that good.. as I was taking these clips from a distance...


  1. He is one of my most favorite singers. I would have loved to have been there.

  2. Visu:

    Generally, audio/video rights are reserved by these singers whenever they have concerts like this. How did you manage?

    Those, who are far away, get to see in action within such a short time, and will be thankful to you for such a quick reporting. Good job.

  3. Nithya
    Shankar Mahadevan rocked..

    There was no warning of any such kind.. there were quite a few folks who had their camera on.. I also took a few clips for my blog.. As you can see my recording was not professionaly done.. and the audio quality is not good..