Monday, August 14, 2006

India: Land Of Vegetarians

If you thought India is a land of vegetarians... think again..
Overall, only 31 per cent individuals prefer vegetarian food and 60 per cent others have shown a definite preference for non-vegetarian food. (CNN-IBN)


  1. Even among communities, considering themselves as pure vegetarians, only 55% are vegetarians. The ratio of vegetarians in the north (the land of Chicken Tikka) is higher than that of South India. Vegetarians in the southern states are hardly 15%.

    Thanks for the timely post on the subject.

  2. This tells volume about the diversity in culture and religious faith in India. Perhaps Hindu population is 60% out of which 50% is vegetarian is a surprise.

    In any case, it is time efforts from Heart Associations in India give emphasis on light and vegetarian food consisting of lots of rainbow vegetables in the diet because of high rate of heart attack and stroke victims in India.

    Many of the TV programs have talk shows focusing on health issues and light and vegetarian foods.

    With restaurants and fast food places sprawling up in major cities in India, Government of India should now insist on all these places to display the calories and saturated fat content in the food they serve and or sell. Atleast educated mass will use such data before swallowing unhealthy food. What do you think?

  3. Sheesh... I thought India is a land of vegetarians...

  4. I am not surprised for vegetarianism fading away or being lesser. Younger ones among vegetarians are of a opinion that taking non-veg will help them build big muscles and strength. On the contrary I am surprised with the growing percentage of Vegans in this country. There are plenty of food available for vegans and clear labelling is done to help them. I had two British colleagues who refused to sit on leather made sofas, and wear leather shoes being against cruelty to animals. They never participated in team lunches fearing for the spoons used for meat could be used for taking Vegetarian items too.

  5. Mahadevan
    Welcome to my blog..

    India is generally considered 'vegetarian country'.. lot of US friends thought ALL Indians are vegetarians..

    Vegetarians are in all religions.. perhaps more in Hindus than other religions.. According to last census, India is 80% Hindu..


    Building muscles.. oh yes.. people become non-veg for that purpose.. I guess, its kind of a circle.. wheel has to come back.. some people will switch to being Vegan.. while some will fall in love with meat..

    Also, I don't think our current eco-system can support every one being 'vegetarian'.. what will happen to all those cows, goat, chicken and fish???