Saturday, August 12, 2006

India In Numbers

The latest issue of India Today is full of numbers about India and its people.

Don't have a clue as to how they came up these numbers.. Lots of comparison with US & China.. but thats like comparing Apples and Oranges.

Independence Day Issue of India Today
Some numbers:
Median Age of Indians- 24.9 : By some accounts, India has the youngest work force and that is one of its BIG asset.
86% have access to clean water: I guess we need to better how the 'access to clean water' is defined. But I find it difficult to believe that this number is correct.
India held 301 elections: Democracy is the backbone of India.. Though at time it feels India has too many of those noisy elections.

And lot more in the magazine..


  1. Ram, you are right. Sometimes the numbers don't mean much, especially when the source for the numbers are not authentic or revealed.

  2. India is considered the tenth largest economy and was in fact an observing country during G8 conference. Hon.Manmohan Singh attended that G8 conference. India gets lots of attention and is being consulted by the super powers such as USA and Russia on selective basis. Indian economy grew by 7% or so last year and that is commendable.

    I like to know more about:

    1. Poverty percentage in Indian rural villages.
    2. Per capita income
    3. What is the % education?
    4. What is the unemployment rate?
    5. What is the percentage of 2 income families?

    Can we eradicate the slum dwellers and thatched sheds or are we putting on blinders? How many go without two square meals a day?

  3. Nithya

    This particular issue had all sorts of numbers without revealing where they came from and also these numbers only tend to give the part of a story... and not the full picture.. Even though they made good reading.. I wouldn't put much credence in to them..

    There is all kinds of numbers in this issue.. grab it from your local Indian Grocery store..

  4. I have an issue with these surveys too:
    YOu know I have NEVER been part of all the surveys these people do and come up with such definitive statements like :60% of Indians living in ciites are happy- And I have asked around and find none of my firends have ever answered any of these even though we come under these very categories of middle class, middle aged, Indians living in cities.
    Who constitute the samplest for these polls anyway?

  5. Usha..

    Right.. I have been 'surveyed' either.. wonder where these 'samples' are being taken..