Sunday, August 06, 2006

Slice of Chennai # 1 - City Center Mall

Chennai City Center Mall is the newest kid o the block with few more to follow the suit. It has been 'officially' open for a few months now, yet construction is still going on. This mall is the Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai closer to the beach.

Only two anchor stores, Landmark and Lifestyle are open now with few other smaller stores set open in the coming months.

Chennai City Center has a large atrium and has a few fast food restaurants in the open space. The aroma of the food pretty much filled the entire mall. I wonder what it would do the garments sold in the mall. The problem is with the ventilation system or the absence of it.
Chennai City Center
Chennai City Center Mall - Atrium. This is the only snap I could take before was asked NOT to take pictures.

With the organized retail industry is set to for big investments in the coming years, Chennai and other Indian cities are bound to have more malls like this one changing the landscape forever.