Monday, August 07, 2006

Slice of Chennai # 2 - Chennai Runners

Chennai Runners, a bunch of enthusiastic runners gather every Sunday around 5:00 AM near Dimensionss on CP Ramaswamy Road and go for a spin. Most of the weeks, we do around 15 kms but last Sunday we stretched ourselves did around 26+ kms. We wanted to run till Kovalam but actually ran only till Muttukadu. I took my camera along for the ride and here comes few snaps from that wonderful run..

CP Ramaswamy Road - All Quiet @ 5 AM
Our starting point in CP Ramaswamy Road - All quiet @ 5:00 AM

Thiruvanmiyur Bus Stand
Near Thiruvanmiyur Bus Terminus (7 kms) around 6:00 AM. This place will get busy with all kinds of movable and immovable things pretty soon and will stay that way till late in the evening.

Ajendra @ VGP
Ajendra was the first one to reach VGP (15 kms) with ample time to take a 'nap' before we caught on with him.

Ajendra, Srinivas & Ram near VGP
Ajendra, Srinivas & Ram on the move ... near VGP

KK & Srinvas near Mayajaal
KK & Srinivas crawling towards Mayajaal (21 kms).. but they didn't call it quits. In fact, both of them motivated both of us to push till Muttukadu, our next pit stop. (Ajendra & I were actually getting ready to indulge at Arusuvai Arasu Restaurant @ Mayajaal..)

Ajendra, KK & Srinivas resting at Muttukkadu
Hey!!!! We successfully made it to Muttukadu. We considered running till Kovalam Beach for a brief moment (1 second) and dropped the idea as we were all running on empty tank by now.

Srinivas, KK & Ajendra resting after a long run at Kovalam
So, he we are finally at Kovalam Beach after about 5 hours. We got here from Muttukadu in a 'Share Auto'.

In all it was a great ride.. If you are interested in joining us for the weekly spin, do drop us note here.

More photos in flickr


  1. All I can do is heave a heavy sigh !!!! Great pics and Great adventures you guys are having.....

  2. Wow ! I don't think I can cover this distance in a two-wheeler. Awesome. But do take extra care at twilight hour on ECR

  3. Wow!! That was some run :) It's the longest distance I've ever done in my life! Thanks to Ram, Ajendra and KK for all the motivation !! Am sure we're going to complete the bangalore marathon!

  4. Karthik..

    Thanks. Join us when you are in Chennai..

    Raj & Raman
    Thanks for the tip.. we exchanged ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers recently.. and will consider this also..

    Great Job.. You did good for a rookie..

  5. Wow...amazing.!! Good luck all of you. Stay fit!
    Nice photos and Video Visu. Way to go.!

  6. Man, I'm missing all the fun.

    It was great to see the video. Ram, awesome work on commentary and the titling. Very neat.

    KK, Ajendra and Srini, good to see you guys.

  7. Narayanan & Ajendra

    Join us from this week.. love to see you back sweating with us..

  8. Hi,

    Sad I dropped out at thiruvanmiyur, Nice pics.
    Kaushik , that was really one great effort. Keep Running