Monday, August 07, 2006

Slice of Chennai # 2 - Chennai Runners

Chennai Runners, a bunch of enthusiastic runners gather every Sunday around 5:00 AM near Dimensionss on CP Ramaswamy Road and go for a spin. Most of the weeks, we do around 15 kms but last Sunday we stretched ourselves did around 26+ kms. We wanted to run till Kovalam but actually ran only till Muttukadu. I took my camera along for the ride and here comes few snaps from that wonderful run..

CP Ramaswamy Road - All Quiet @ 5 AM
Our starting point in CP Ramaswamy Road - All quiet @ 5:00 AM

Thiruvanmiyur Bus Stand
Near Thiruvanmiyur Bus Terminus (7 kms) around 6:00 AM. This place will get busy with all kinds of movable and immovable things pretty soon and will stay that way till late in the evening.

Ajendra @ VGP
Ajendra was the first one to reach VGP (15 kms) with ample time to take a 'nap' before we caught on with him.

Ajendra, Srinivas & Ram near VGP
Ajendra, Srinivas & Ram on the move ... near VGP

KK & Srinvas near Mayajaal
KK & Srinivas crawling towards Mayajaal (21 kms).. but they didn't call it quits. In fact, both of them motivated both of us to push till Muttukadu, our next pit stop. (Ajendra & I were actually getting ready to indulge at Arusuvai Arasu Restaurant @ Mayajaal..)

Ajendra, KK & Srinivas resting at Muttukkadu
Hey!!!! We successfully made it to Muttukadu. We considered running till Kovalam Beach for a brief moment (1 second) and dropped the idea as we were all running on empty tank by now.

Srinivas, KK & Ajendra resting after a long run at Kovalam
So, he we are finally at Kovalam Beach after about 5 hours. We got here from Muttukadu in a 'Share Auto'.

In all it was a great ride.. If you are interested in joining us for the weekly spin, do drop us note here.

More photos in flickr