Thursday, August 03, 2006

Podcast: Chat With Chinmayi (Part # 1)

Chinmayi Sripada
Chinmayi and I finally connected yesterday and good discussion about various roles she plays. In the first of the two part interview, we talk about her latest avatar as a talent search host and her experience as a playback singer.

Please listen in..

MP3 File


  1. Ram,
    You seem to have research the topic quite well and that shows in the interview. Both of u came across as casual. Eagerly looking fwd to the second episode.

    One small suggestion (at the cost of sounding PMK-ish): If the guest is also fluent in Tamil, then you can probably explore a part-tamil part-english kind of style for the interview. I somehow felt that the S Ve Shekhar interview would have been greater fun if we had the opportunity to listen to him in Tamil. Maybe u can consider this request during ur forthcoming interview with Crazy Mohan.

  2. She named the winner...Why??????

  3. This has come out very well,Ram. Are you going to ask her to hum one of the tunes, in Part2?

  4. Hi Ram,

    The interview was really cool, but there seemed to be some disturbance all thru ur prg, I mean there was some kind of background noise. Also if u dont mind I would also like to add something else, the intro about the guest was cool, but again I guess the mike was tooooo close to ur mouth which happens sometimes in the stage shows if u would have noticed (This happened only during the intro and other parts were really good). It would be great if u could slightly correct only these two things. Otherwise U were SUPERB and so was the Guest. Waiting for ur 2nd episode.



  5. Visu,

    Shriram is right on target. I felt the same ways about the audio quality.

    If you are going to do more Podcasts..I strongly suggest you get a superior Mic/ sound card.

    Apart from that...It was fantastic

    1) Not sure why you sounded so sad, unlike your earlier podcasts.

    2) Chinmayi is down to earth. Right from start.

    3) Well prepared you were looks like. Nice questions.

    4) I thought you'd ask her to hum her first song..or some other song..which didn't see the light. ( Nice question about it by the way.

    5) Look forward to Dose-2.

  6. Ram,

    I am trying to get some podcast interviews setup for you through my uncle in Chennai. Can you send me an email to so that we can discuss it in detail?

  7. Kaps
    Pt taken.. In fact, I wanted to do this one in Tamil & English.. but it turned out to be mostly in English.. I will keep this in mind when I talk to Crazy Mohan..

    'Super Singer' was kind of open secret (at least in Chennai) in anyway..
    By the time I spoke to Chinmayi, the 'super singer' decision was already started floating around.. In fact, my son heard it from his friends at school..Mr. Jeyaraj chose Nikhil Matthews and Viewers chose Anita..

    Recording of the second part is already done.. sorry.. no songs.. In order to do that, I need to improve my recording ability first..

    Thanks for your input..
    Yes. I do need to figure of how to do position the Mics correctly.. and also as Narayanan says get some good Mics..
    Also, I am finding that there is learning curve for me with the Audacity tool.. will get better..

    1) Sad.. Don't really know..
    2) Yes.. Chinmayi was very down-to-earth and conversed easily..
    3) Well, you guys helped me with the questions.. so thanks to each and everyone of you..
    4)I thought about it.. but didn't as I knew my recording wasn't perfect.. it wouldn't do justice to her effort..
    5)part#2 coming in a couple of days..

  8. Nithya

    Definitely.. much appreciated.. Will ping you separately..

  9. Ram,

    Great interview!! Keep these coming.


  10. I too liked the interview. Some new questions asked. I guess, with singers, conversing in English is better, because they sing in different langauges. Some one dropping in from Andhra or Kerala would better appreciate interviews in english. I guess for artistes within Tamil Nadu, it makes sense to have interview in Tamil.

    But really, it doesn't matter the language, as much as the quality of interview.