Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why CEOs Don't Blog?

Even though several companies encourage their employees to blog, none of the fortune 500 CEOs blog with a sole exception of Sun's Jonathan Schwartz. Why is that?
  1. Is it because they don't have time?
  2. Is it because they are used to 'ghost' writers?
  3. Is it because they need to be extra careful with what they say lest their posts reveal some confidential stuff about the company?
  4. Is it because they need to be extra vigilant about customer service / support related issues?
I am not sure what it is but none of the above really make sense. On one side there is lot of noise on corporate blogging but on the other side most of the top guys don't. Blogs are a great tool to communicate constantly and directly with their customers. It also gives them an avenue to solicit direct feedback.

My take is, as blogs grow and evolve over the next few years, CEOs can't afford not to blog. What's your take?